Saturday, November 14, 2015

Enough with the Self-Help Bullshit - A slightly incoherent post-modern treatise

The next time someone tells me how something builds character, or what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger, or any of those zillion bullshit things that we keep saying because we’ve heard it from so many self-help sources, I’m gonna really lose it. Why? Because the facts don’t add up. 

Seriously, what am I building so much character and inner moral strength for? To write another email?? Or so that someday in some imaginary apocalyptic future, when there are just a thousand of us survivors, maybe it’ll help me live for a few extra months than all those sorry billion plus losers who built all that character and strength just to die as cannon fodder for the first extinction-sized event? No thanks. 

And why do we have so many people (becoming rich) telling us to self-help? Animals don’t do that. They thrive in communities and build a sustainable eco-system and keep a planet running for billions of years. But no, we’re reading productivity manuals and learning ‘manifestation’ and other motivational crap being spewed out by the same community (humans) that destroyed half of the planet’s assets in a tiny little fraction of the time it was here. 

And if someone tells me that this is why we’re the dominant species, I’m gonna tell you to fuck yourself. An unchecked cancer cell growth will also be the dominant species in an unhealthy body. And just like we zap those cells to extinction, our planet’s trying to zap us out. And no amount of positive thinking, manifestation or tantric anything is going to change that. With this kind of thinking taking over the fucking planet, it’s no wonder we’re hurtling towards environmental heart-attacks all around. 

And if someone calls me negative one more time, I’m gonna zombie attack you and see how your positive thinking turns into mulch in another undead asshole’s mouth.


Anonymous said...

I hope you said all this to the vermin who brought it on....


Searcher said...

Oh Anon, I didn't. Cuz I'm a writer and that means that unless I write down how I feel, I have no way to understand or express myself. Gah! But i do daydream about how I shall write a film one day, give a character their name and serial-killer them all the way to the end credits. :D Thanks for writing!