Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I, Dreamer in Absentia

We breathe poetry, in a world where stab wounds are the norm
We build bridges in places where fires destroy all
We love deeply, even in the moments before we take the fall
All for the final puzzle piece where one size doesn't fit all...

Today, while reading a book and having a solo lunch, I realized that I missed myself. Not in the sense of 'I don't know who I am' , but in the tangible sense of perceiving a complete human being. I miss having another perspective, someone who sees how you walk, or what the back of your head looks like. Someone who will be able to tell you in detail about all you can't see about yourself, someone who can watch you sideways.

My perspective is uni-dimensional. There's only so much of myself I can know. It's not self-esteem I'm talking about.. it's more like... even the silver on the back of the mirror needs someone to stand in front of its shiny side, to let it know of its true nature.Yeah, like that.

I miss that.


Anonymous said...

Very much true..

And I am happy to find the 'source-code' of your content on the CL :)

Searcher said...

"Source code." Lol. But great sleuthing, well done you!

Me said...

I loved this. Beautiful.

Anonymous said...

'sleuthing' - wow! haven't heard that before. I think my vocab is same as that of a six year old - had to look up for the meaning...ha ha..

Not spying though - it just happened that there was this FB friend request reminder that kept flowing in my inbox again and again till the time I had no choice but to join your coveted friends list :). Thats where I found the link to this blog. And suddenly there was light :)

I had to explain or you would take me as some weird stalker or something...