Friday, September 23, 2011

The Memory of You...

I just heard that the perfect relationship comes from the right mix of chemistry and timing. Someone I dated briefly in NY - Josh - can be described as someone with whom the chemistry was interesting, the timing not. Recently, he got in touch with me and I think I almost wept with the relief of exchanging a few properly spelled words with a man who could make me grin and my knees quiver... a little. As we were talking, I realized what a horrible feeling it was to not be able to share my time in NY with anyone here.

Why not? Because few people get it.

New York isn't just about the bright lights and frenetic pace. For me, it was the ability to step out of my house, grab one of the many convenient trains, go to any part of the city, walk into a bar or a cafe or a diner, chat up with a few friendly strangers there over coffee or a drink, walk down to the Village, stop off at a store and pick up cheap and good wine, watch dancers on stilts performing in Union Square, pull out a blanket in a park, settle down for a picnic, log on to the net from the Park itself and look for things to do the next day, head to Soho for class and stop to pick up a grande from Starbucks, chit-chat with the girl who takes my order, catch up with cousins and friends in the evening, return home to the antics of Cookie the Labrador... and on some days, head out again later to be wrapped in warm fuzzy feelings with my date.

(Looking back, I think my relationship with NY is also one where the chemistry was good, the timing - not so much.)

The few people who perhaps DO get it? They are the people with the faraway look in their eyes when the subject comes up, the wistful smile of remembered happiness followed by "Yeah, New York's great...". And then, a quick but decided shrug to shake off the nostalgia laden dust of that city in favor of all that they have here. And indeed, there IS a lot.

Just... not THAT.

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A-Girl said...

NYC in incomparable.Period.