Wednesday, November 3, 2010

In the final analysis...

Meg died. Brother got married. SN, my director, died. About 5 other people got married. My cousin got pregnant. A few more people died. Sony Mony changed her whole career profile. My FRIEND got pregnant. People are still getting married. KayC moved to a whole different country.

I bought a car.

Looking around me, i see people taking huge strides in their personal lives. They're moving on, doing the thing, living the life.

I - buy a car.

This has been a year of major upheaval for a lot of people i know. Things have dramatically been shaken up for them to reveal new, different and possibly more rewarding paths.

Me? I bought a car. Oh, and a TV.



Anonymous said...

Congratulations on buying the... TV, of course. Which one? T.O.

Searcher said...

OMG. You're back trawling the pages again :) Samsung. Sucky after-sales service though.

WhoMe said...

you too can get pregnant... :) its easier than buying a car & TV.

but the after-sales services sucks big time on this one... worse than the TV.

A- Girl said...

Loved this post. I like the way you write. You even made "a few more people died" read funny :)

Don't worry I feel the same. My life seems to be in a rut. Sometimes I just feel like changing my apartment or changing my phone service provider to feel some 'change' in my life. With your TV-buying and Car-buying you are still two notches above some of us :)

You know what Searcher, I feel this whole 'New Year Celebration' can be very bad for one's self esteem. This whole "ringing in the new year" shit puts a LOT of undue pressure on us to be (A) Happy, coz 'tis the time to be! and (B) Recapitulate with 'happy memories' all the wonderful milestones reached in the past year (C) Gives false hopes to those who didn't have much luck the past year that YES...THIS will be their get that perfect job, take that perfect vacation and find your soulmate. Fuck. I say fuck and ban new years celebrations!