Tuesday, March 17, 2009

He is a friend...

He's a friend.
A very good friend.
He wants to date me.
He uses terms like "for the rest of my life" as if they're easy
They are easy, particularly when one doesn't mean them
Does he mean them?

He's a friend
A man whom i trust
A man i actually like
It's a two-year long friendship
Where every syllable of the word has been earned
Can i risk that?

He's a friend.
My heart doesn't flutter wildly when i think of him
It just beats with a deep assured thump
(And a slightly panicky 'lead in my stomach' arrhythmia)
Am i trying to convince myself?
Is this an opportunity to test the "ask questions first, fall in love later" philosophy?
Or do i reject him... just because i always do?

He's my friend
And he's always sweet to me
But he has an awful track record with his girlfriends (now ex's)
He has been described as mean, insulting and volatile
I've known him to be rude and indiscreet about them to his friends... my friends..
Do i risk joining that list?

Should i jump in and hope for the best?
Or should i just cease and desist, guaranteed in my current feeling of bonhomie, and wait for "Mr Perfect"?

This is when i need a definite sign from the Universe.

(I know this looks like it wants to be a poem... Fortunately, it isn't one.)


Who-Me said...

Akash-Vani says:

This guy actually talks about his past exploits, with his friends ? sheez..!! that defiantly is a sign of immaturity...
test: how is his current relations with his exs ? has he made peace with them ? can he spent time with them without getting bitter ? if yes.. then you could consider him as a prospective and then follow your heart.

if he is the kind who has not made peace with his past.. then he is bound to make the same mistakes/choices again. and you may end up on the list... !!

and as you mentioned.. words are cheap these days so dont go by the "forever.." routine, instead close your eyes and look deep inside and THEN if you still see him there as a pillar you know your answer.. !!

A-Girl said...

I am excited for you Searcher :) I hope you find in him what you are looking for.

I enjoy reading your blogs. But please promise me, even when you find 'the one' or whatever....you will not stop blogging. Please DO find something else to complain about :-p