Thursday, April 28, 2016

An Unexpected Turn of Events...

You know that moment when you think you’re gonna walk right out of your plans and back into your comfort zone because that is what you have always done and you don’t expect things to become better, and you decide to cut your losses and run instead of having to deal with the inevitable guilt of being too needy or too demanding or not chill enough? 

Now imagine being stopped mid-flight with a plate of pancakes and a completely rational conversation about common goals and the need to hold on to each other. Gasp!

So here’s some unexpected good news - It seems that if you actually speak to your partner and tell them what you need and don’t make it anyone’s fault - your partner actually tries to give you what you want! (Sure, it’s our first speed bump but not bad for two people in perpetual flight mode). I know it’s pathetic how surprised and gobsmacked I am at this turn of events but… wow. 

Romantic relationships can actually become better after a fight? Who knew!

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