Sunday, November 30, 2014

If I Could Speak

If I could speak, 
I would talk of my soul
Once radiant and blissful
Now withered and old

If I could speak
I would talk of love
How it flowed from my fingers
But now makes tapestries of dust

If I could speak
I would talk of laughter
Of gatherings steeped in music
Now just hollow echoes forever

If I could speak
I would ask for your hand
To pull me away
From the corpse that I am

If I could speak
I would whisper my fears
And know that I was heard
That I wasn’t alone with my tears

If I could speak
My silence would end
And when tomorrow comes
Maybe I’ll finally start to mend.

If I could speak…


Anonymous said...

Hey - doesnt it bore you to discuss the same issues for so many years? I visit your blog once every few months and sometimes I get really bored...

Searcher said...

LOL! You should quit visiting in that case :)

moon said...