Tuesday, April 2, 2013

So.. A Kiss is just a Kiss...?

Looking back, I can see that I’ve been dumped quite often. My shortest relationship was of 20 minutes. Sam and I had been hanging out with each other on a FWB basis for a few months when, one night, in the middle of a loud raucous nightclub, when I was well on my way to happy inebriation, he asked me out. He said, “So.. let’s you and I go out seriously... yes?” I stared at him, at his sweet, earnest face, and then I said, yes.  We kissed and then I went to meet my friends who were sitting at a table some distance away. When I returned, my relationship was over. He said, “You know what? Forget it. It won’t work.”

Alex and I went out for a remarkable four days. He asked me out after we had been hanging out with each other for years. He’s the one who helped me get over my double-whammy heartbreak (the other Sam), and he pulled me laughing and bantering right back from the edge. Over a couple of years, he earned my trust, treated me well – and then, one weird evening while he was giving me a ride back to my place, he said, “So how about we do this for real?”

I stared at his face, which looked more shocked at the fact that he had actually asked me the question, and I said, “Okay.. why not?” We grinned, terrified of this step we were taking, betting on people who we weren’t sure could handle our most vulnerable parts, and went for it. Two days of sex later, I went to visit my friend who was dying of cancer. I returned to “we need to talk”, when I was informed that “This isn’t going to work, and it’s best we end it before anyone gets hurt.”

Andy and I lasted all of no days. One day, after hanging out over many cups of coffee, he said that he’d like to see where this goes. It’s been so long since someone told me that there was a potential distance to be gone, that I said yes. Then he disappeared for 3 days – no contact. We got over that hump, and then, after an emotional trip spent with friends, family and scattered loved ones – a microcosm of what I consider my extended family – I returned home and asked him if he’d like to consider belonging to it in some small way. He said he’d love to talk about it, and then he disappeared for a week. So I cut my losses and run.

What losses? Everytime I fall in with someone’s plans with me, it’s because I’m already a little in love. When I say yes, it’s because I’m already imagining what it would be like to hold hands, to sit together on the same side of the diner booth, what it would feel to sit lightly touching each other, while we read our books or just doing our own stuff, to have unplanned surprise lunches and movies out and dinners in. I go in wholeheartedly. I don’t know any other way.

So why do I get dumped? If I’m to believe what these guys say, it’s bizarre. Many years later, Sam told me it was because right after he’d asked me and I’d said yes, I’d not stood with him, but had gone to see my friends at the next table. I waited for more, but that was all that came. When I said, “Yes, but I came back,” he said that it was too late by then. That was eight years ago, and since then Sam has been trying to get back with me and wonders why I don’t pay him any mind.

In Alex’s case, and not to my knowledge, he had his sexy-ex walk back into his life over the weekend that I was hanging with my very ill friend. However since I’d gone (“so soon after we had started going out”), it was clearly a sign that I wasn’t serious about us. And so he gave us up. Now, so many years later, during which we continue to be friends, he’s worked his ass off trying to get back to a place of affection which was offered to him so easily. And he wonders why I won’t give him his spot back.

I don’t understand it. Maybe it was because they were sure I didn’t care. Maybe it was because the chase was over. Maybe they think that I'm made of stone and don't get hurt by such betrayals.. Maybe... maybe.. The bottomline is – guys seem to ask me out, and when I say yes, they disappear.

And now there’s Aaren. He’s someone I met through my new business venture. We’ve known each other for about 8 months now. Divorced, a media man by profession, someone my mom’s met twice and approves of madly. And he said he loves me. We work together quite closely and intend to for the duration of the next couple of years. So if things go south at a personal level, it’s going to be awkward for a few years. And considering he’s one of my major highlights in the business, the down side will suck a lot.

The last few days, ever since the great “you know what I feel about you” moment, we’ve hung out once a day at least. He’s sought me out, I’ve seen him in his office, I’ve introduced him to a friend of mine, we’ve held hands, we’ve spent the night and slept entwined with each other. And kissed a couple of times.

All these things are huge exceptions to my usual modus operandi. I don’t know when was the last time I was comfortable calling a boy in the middle of the day, absolutely certain that he would be happy to hear from me, maybe even make himself available for an impromptu lunch. Or the last time all this happened without me saying the “L” word back or diving into the sack with him.

So maybe he’ll follow the same route, and wait for me to fall for him, and then he’ll walk away because the chase would be over. Maybe the sex will be terrible, which is why he’s not pulling me into it. Or maybe.. just maybe.. he’s perfect for me, the real thing, and there won’t be a downside ever.

How terrifying is that?


A-girl said...

Hope it is the real thing :-)

tearsofsolitude said...

I am trying to convey a man's (in your case Sam's)point of view. Proposing any one is not an easy task because of fear of rejection, that too from the person you love most. If you love someone intensely, and just after you proposed her, she goes away to talk to her friends. It gives an impression that she doesn't take you (or love) seriously. You can see it as a possessiveness but can be heartbreaking for a person who thinks about you only 24 hrs a day. It wouldn't affect a man who is with you just for physical pleasure.
Anyways its your life, and it depends on you what is your priority between space in a relationship or amount of love. however the first can be sorted out by talking but the latter can't.
I am not soliciting anyone but trying to give you an insight of man's thinking.

jus_lee said...

no disrespect but honestly i could not read your entire blog hens because it screams that evlis/UB40 SONG "WISE MAN SAYS ONLY FOOLS RUSH IN" which screams what you have done many many many times over...

This is not a comment to bash you honestly look at if from me which you prob dont wanna here a "guys" point of view...Each person you gave a slightest hint of interest ONLY after they confess there somewhat feeling of you has shattered your dreams. You should ask yourself why you fall so easily? Why dont you be come the hunter for once instead of the victim.

I only read about three guys who threw themselfs at you and you didnt stop for a sec to think wow are these GUYS just trying to get in my pants or they really like me?!

U really need to think of it as of shallow you can be...even tho you known them for a long time doesn't mean there isnt a hidden agenda...

Its a shitty world we live in...but the best advise i can give you if you choose to listen hens by now you prob hating me is that...

Choose your own path and not one that feels comfortable for you...in other words just cuz you know this person for a really long time doesnt mean they are the one for you...

Searcher said...

Thank you Tearsofsolitude and Jus_lee..

I guess to answer both your points, I have to say that the reason i 'fall so easily" or seem callous of a person's feelings is because at the end of the day, I'm looking for someone who is my emotional equal, a person who has a sense of perspective about himself and perhaps someone who comes from a place of kindness and compassion instead of constant insecurity.

As i see it, not everything in the world revolves around hurting or being hurt. Sometimes, it just rains because it's the monsoons and not because the Universe wanted to punish you by having you splashed with ditch water by a bus speeding away.

At my end, I'm a non-stop romantic who says yes to anyone whom I consider worthy and who also requests a chance with me. It's what they do with that chance that reveals more about them... and ultimately the fate of the relationship.

And since no relationship can credit its survival to the games people play, why start a relationship with them?

Hamid Mehmood said...

Why you do it. Because you feel love for him. And after some days he came back you use to go out with him again you better understand. Your maind instruct you to not worried about any thing. You love him so go and enjoy life with him.