Hey you! Yes, you
walking so surefooted
Through your Life
Looking for pitfalls
to examine, to avoid
You told me today was it,
when we could stop
for a moment or five
rest our weary feet
and breathe into
our dormant minds

Do you remember me?
No? I've been running
right here next to you
Both of us wear blinders its true
To prevent a shared laugh or even
a point of view
But you have to admit
sprinting through a sunset
is quite the same as a walk
through torrential rain
If we become masochistic
Panhandlers of pain

Time's up, you say? Minutes
Did seem like hours today
Was it good for you?
It just seemed like we sat
Quietly navel gazing
And waiting for the other
to say something interesting
I'm glad we met, because that's
One less person on my list
Of all those hopeful strangers.