Friday, September 16, 2011

The Year of the Dragon...

... is supposed to be one of many new things for my Chinese sign. Yes, I do read that stuff, and honestly believe that the Chinese have nicer things to say about me than the rest of the astrological nonsense floating around. So, in my infinite wisdom and hypocrisy, I choose to only believe what the most complimentary have to say about my future.

Justifications aside, I have to admit that this year has been full of new things for me. For one, I was around for various family events that I haven't been a part of for years - my father's b'day, the cousins' bday, rakshabandhan with my brother in the same city, 3-month holidays in a different country, being wined-and-dined by three very different but really nice men, showdown with Mom, the earthquake-hurricane-tornado trifecta in New York, starting the editing assignment with a publishing house, writing classes that could be the first step towards a possible life with words.... and finally tonight, meeting with VJ outside the confines of my home with his friends!

If this is how the year's going to be, I'm sold!

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