Saturday, September 3, 2011

How do I miss thee?

Wine in the park, walk down Madison Avenue, flea market in Hell's kitchen, barbeque festival in Union Square, forever 21, Shakespeare and a picnic, secret bars, crowd around Sunflowers, that quaint shop in the East Village, the subway map that took me everywhere, sandwiches packed with meat, making out under a drizzling tree, eyes meeting on the train and becoming a missed connection, Andy Warhol parties, coffee and free wifi, walking, holding the hand that wore the wedding ring under the watchful gaze of Bettie Page, high lines and sunsets, Christina Perri and Bebel Gilberto, the city winery and its 400 wines, talking on the corner of Houston and Greenwich till 4 am, Soho-Noho-Out-You-Go-Ho, words on a page that had a life of their own, Sidney Poitier through the rain drops, the strung out poet and his tryst with Alcoholics Anonymous, classical quartet at Washington Square, children dancing in the fountain, dinner and a show in the theatre district, blind dates and Times Square, clubs, broken high heeled shoes, movie dreams with friends under Washington Arch amidst brightly colored umbrellas, traipsing through Chinatown, the Family Guy with the family, waiting for the rain to stop with the certainty that it won't take longer than a few minutes, Atlantic city-Pennsylvania-after-hours-beer-shopping, step-family, the Borough of Lost Boys, concerts on the pier, pets, laughter and love...

But I'm home now.

And it's different. It's all very different.


A-girl said...

Did u like living in NYC? I absolutely love this city. No other place like it. Was it your first time living in the US? And last....just HOW did you manage to find these investment bankers in a short period of 3 months? lol :)

Sangita Ekka said...

Yeah!! Its so very true... Home is a place for a reason!! Your post explains that well..:))