Saturday, August 27, 2011

Natural Disasters

Americans are known far and wide for over-reacting to everything. With Irene making her way north up the east coast, the amount of panic that is showing up directly through the air-waves and into the homes is increasing on an massive scale. People are protecting their over-mortgaged homes with sandbags and prayers, before putting their favorite things into their fuel-guzzling vehicles and heading off to higher ground.

Except of course my dad. He, in all his wisdom, is planning to drive INTO the evacuation zone for a family lunch. Yep, he is going to get into his tiny car, with his wife and daughter, and drive right into the middle of the place that everyone else is leaving. Or supposed to.

It's likely that everyone is over-reacting. But do we really want to examine what it would be like being stuck in a tiny car, on a packed road, with just the three of us inside it, without lunch and the huge sign on our heads that says, "Morons who travel into the hurricane and are the first casualties in the beginning of a disaster movie"? Does our relationship really need that?

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Charlotte said...

The media sends us into a frenzied panic. But yet, I would not drive into it.