Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hello You

I want to write something about you. I want to tell someone how different you are. I want to chuckle with someone about the fact that you think you're too honest for your own good. I hope you never change that about you. I want to tell you that when I smile at you, I'm actually marveling at your ability to wear your heart on your sleeve, and have arrow marks pointing to it. You seem fearless and vulnerable, a potent combination that makes you charming beyond belief. You make me want to not be cynical... to believe for just that one minute that pigs do fly and that the phoenix is born out of its own ashes. I want to explain what making someone feel beautiful means - and I want to invite you to the front of the class for show and tell. I want to tell everyone about you. You, my little secret.


Charlotte said...

That is beautiful. I really like the show and tell. It has such childlike innocence.

CourtSee said...

I like this.