Friday, March 25, 2011

What Just Happened?

"You love me?"
"More than the air I breathe."



Shite (also read as "Oh Lord, not again!").


Anonymous said...

Hi Searcher,

I believed you moved from living in the US back to your home country? Can I ask you a few questions about it if you don't mind. If you can give me your email id I will email you. Thanks

Searcher said...

Hey Anon,

Technically, despite all inclinations, I didn't stay in the US long enough to say that i "lived" there. Plus, I was a teenager and the challenges were different. Still if you want to get in touch, mail me at

EstherA said...

I haven't had a change to read many of your posts yet, but I find I truly enjoy your voice.

This entry struck me. I'm Esther, its nice to meet you :)

Searcher said...

Esther, thanks. I enjoy yours. You should write more :)

Esther said...

Thank you! Its nice to hear of someone reading it. I think the recent acquisition of my new laptop will foster more constant posting. I look forward to following you.