Friday, January 14, 2011

The Unexpected...

.. just happened. A boy realized that he'd screwed up... and .. apologized!!!

He said:

Acted like an ass and if you are in a forgiving mood, then lets get in touch

She Said:

Woah! What brought this on?

He Said:

So I was sitting and I read something with the word "searching". And then I thought about Searcher. So I started pondering that maybe I really did not want to go to Vir Das all the way to town and just wanted to tick you off and close the topic. And then thought that what I did to press you for your number was not fair and so there I was...writing to you. What say?

Hmm. Needless to say I'm not used to receiving apologies, particularly from strangers who, let's face it, don't really owe each other anything. Mostly I get the silent treatment or the "let's pretend this never happened" treatment or the "I'm so hurt by what you said but I'll just keep my pain to myself except when I sigh deeply and often" treatment. I mean, what's the protocol now? He's asked me out.. again.. and i'm wondering if i should attempt it. His apology confirms what I had suspected about his nature. The fact that he's contrite (much appreciated) - should it make me ignore the fact that he quite likely IS a childish and stubborn person with a capacity to hurt, when he doesn't get his own way?

Also, the fact is that as timing goes, it couldn't be worse for being asked out. Lately I've been spending all my waking hours inside a cramped edit studio, working on a project that couldn't be more soul-killing, and my sleeping hours dreaming about all that needs to be done for it. Along with that, I have been dealing with an awful bout of the 'flu and have almost-literally not had time for a deep breath. I look like shit, I couldn't feel less sexy, and my stores of patience just don't have enough in them to deal with gracefully dodging a man's areas of insecurity.

On the other hand, maybe this IS a good time to be asked out... The ultimate test of resilience :)


Toyin O. said...

Funny post, thanks for sharing.

A- Girl said...

Good he apologized....go meet him (but take a pepper-spray) ;-)