Sunday, November 14, 2010

"If Kipling Wrote about Relationships..."

If you can laugh easily but not AT people
If you can drink, but not make drinking your aim
If you can smoke, but step away from chemicals and hallucinogens
And treat those two social lubricants just the same
If you believe that our lives are touched by magic
But not expect magic to do the laundry and dishes
If you think fast cars with rocket fuel engines are cool
And yet, can still drive within the speed limit
If you can accept a grudgingly offered apology
Or even one where not a single word is exchanged
And know that you have won this round
But be graceful enough to not rub someone's face in it
If expensive candle-lit dinners and romantic vacations are you
And movie, pizza and beer moments are possible too
If you have passion and love for something outside of you
That is not going according to plan
And there's nothing there to keep you going
except a will that says "Hold on", so you stay,
and work on it for another day
If you truly believe in a happily ever after
And that it's a goal worth working towards
Then yours will be the greatest love story possible
And which is more, it isn't far, my friend

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

In the final analysis...

Meg died. Brother got married. SN, my director, died. About 5 other people got married. My cousin got pregnant. A few more people died. Sony Mony changed her whole career profile. My FRIEND got pregnant. People are still getting married. KayC moved to a whole different country.

I bought a car.

Looking around me, i see people taking huge strides in their personal lives. They're moving on, doing the thing, living the life.

I - buy a car.

This has been a year of major upheaval for a lot of people i know. Things have dramatically been shaken up for them to reveal new, different and possibly more rewarding paths.

Me? I bought a car. Oh, and a TV.