Tuesday, August 31, 2010

In Another Life

Lately i've been thinking about all the people splitting up around me, walking around with broken hearts, wondering if they'll ever get better, ever get fixed.

Next time you shall smile at me
Your jokes shall make me laugh
Holding hands will be my thing
To do with you wherever we're at
Next time you shall look deep
Into my eyes and see us together
My words will hold you wrapped entranced
As we spin our tales forever

We shall not hide in our shadows
fearful of the others gaze
we shall not shut our eyes
afraid to see the hurt face
We shall not watch early affection
bloom into casual indifference
we shall reach out to each other
and not flinch when the other reaches out too

This life we disappointed ourselves
We weren't all that we could be
We didn't trust our safety nets
we didn't even try to fly free
Our excuses never came up to scratch
But we clung to them like you once clung to me

So maybe this time we got it wrong
every decision was a mess
Each wound was wrongly caused
Every apology was a fake
but i know that we can get it right
you've gotta feel it too..
The only choice i think i have
Is to start again, in another life,
Just me and you...


az said...

it was beautiful...touches some cords in everyone's life. May I please steal this piece and have it rated?


Searcher said...

Thank you for the compliment. Didn't understand what you meant by "steal this piece to have it rated"..

AZ said...

I wanted to send an indirect message to my boyfriend, but did not have words to describe it. Your poem says everything I wanted to say. Can I post this on my profile and (and so that he doesn't find out it is directed to him, I can have people 'rate' this poem and tell me how they find it). I will not explicitly say that I did not write it. When all my friends have done commenting on it, then I will tell them that it was written by a 'dear friend'. You ok with it? Thanks AZ

Searcher said...

sure. go for it. let me know how it rates.

AZ said...

Wow thanks! very nice of you to let me share it. So far it seems to be a 'super hit', everyone has LOVED it! Mostly women though, but a couple of men liked it too. I am sure more men like it, but are perhaps shy to admit it publicly :) How did it rate on your facebook? If you have it on yours

Searcher said...

It got pretty good reviews on my FB page too. Odd thing though, it seems a lot of people did share it from that page too... but without telling anyone it was me. I don't know if i should feel flattered or disturbed by this phenomena.

AZ said...

wow really? How did they share it (just by hitting the 'share' button.....in which case at least 'you' know that they shared it or did they just copy and paste it onto their profile? Did they at least tell you that they shared it??

I think you should be supremely flattered!! People love you (and me.... so far;-)