Sunday, August 19, 2007

Rules of Engagement

I felt a single most ecstatic burst of happiness a few days ago. It was while i watched a bunch of strangers - boys, girls, men and kids - throw their arms up in the air and dance to a song. I forget what song it was, i forget the singer - all i remember is that feeling of unadulterated happiness seeing all those people moving together to one common beat, smiling, laughing, moving their bodies, joyful. A simple beat, a simple song, and everyone relates to it in the most primal way. Fabulous.

Not like real life when there is no single beat, no single lyric, no one song. In the cacophony of verbal and non-verbal noise, i'm lost about what the next step should be.

Recently, i met Mark and we had a normal conversation about movies, music, friends and stuff while we sipped on wine and he rubbed my shoulders. It's taken a long many months of coffee breaks, dinners, sporadic dancing evenings out, etc - for us to get to this stage, but before i knew it, he was kissing (!!!) my shoulders and then i was astride him with my tongue down his throat. All very pulse-racingly exciting. But in my head i had a thousand questions firing off - what's going on? Does he like me? Or is this some strange validation thing? Or is this a 'casual' thing, as he said? Will it be casual for me? Do i want him? Or is my desire a function of not being able to have him? Or gratitude that he's in my life again?

So ofcourse, with all these questions going off like firecrackers, i'm obviously distracted, which reflects in my ardor. So things end off there, i go home, hugging myself in bed, awake till 5 o clock the next morning going nowhere in my head. And since then, nothing. No reference to the evening or the moment. We're back to being... friends.

I'm confused. I wish there was a a list of rules - of engagement - when it comes to the two sexes dancing the mating dance. And it's not just Mark. Looking over my recent interactions with Boys, i get a feeling something is out of whack.

First there's Mocha. After a break-up that wasn't really a break up but more a 'let's take a break' situation, we're back to using a plethora of 'baby', 'sweety' and 'darling' terminology. Which by itself doesn't mean anything i know, and considering we've each been through a serious relationship after that (which didn't work out), lots of water has flown under the bridge. So we're friends. Who adore each other. And I know it doesn't really mean anything that just because he called me out of the blue, i flew across to see him and spend one day with him. I know it doesn't mean anything that as we slept, he curled up around me and held me like he wasn't going to let go. I know all that... and yet, i can't help but wonder about the exact nature of the 'friendship.'

Then there's Jackie. Who went a little nuts on me after meeting me twice, and having two aborted conversations on the phone. He wrote well. Had deep profound insights on life and love. Didn't make me laugh much, but then the night was still young. Then, there was silence for a month. Nothing. Not even an email. Suddenly, one day around the time when i'd kind of written him off, he called to say he was getting married but he would call it all off if only I would give him one indication of my feelings. That was scary.

And finally ofcourse there's Mark.

So I tried formatting a few of these rules, but do feel free to add.

1) If you like someone, just tell them that. Let there be no secret about it. This is not a treasure hunt. Life's gonna be plenty interesting without this added tidbit of "what the fuck is going on!?!"

2) If you don't like them, don't kiss them. If you do kiss them, then let it mean that you DO like them. No casual kissing.

3) But if you don't "like them like them" (is it even allowed to say that once you get out of junior school?), then make it clear. Say, "I enjoyed kissing you (or not). But i don't really 'like you like you' (there's that ridiculous term again). So next time you see me, don't assume that i like you. Or fret about it." Make it clear immediately after kissing exercise. Or before. Or during. But make it clear.

4) If you don't make it clear that same time, then it means you DO like them like them (Fine! YOU find another term). Refer to rule 1.

5) None of the rules apply if I am the KISSER. Instead, please refer to Ostrich Rule below.

Ostrich Rule:

Look elsewhere. Look busy. Look uninterested. Laugh everything off, so you can pretend that you don't take anything seriously. All the while, hope nobody asks you to make difficult choices. So that if things go to hell in a teacup, you can't blame yourself. Nobody else can either. After all, you weren't even paying attention.

But please, someone make a decision!

PS: That means you.


dazedandconfused said...

A kiss shouldn't be such a big deal...

Searcher said...

It's just that a kiss used to mean something not so long ago. And now it doesn't. And i don't yet know what has taken its place in the 'meaning something' department. Something not too subtle... after all, there are days when we want things spelled out.

annie said...

Hey...i love your posts.This one brought back some fond memories. Blogrolled you:)

Anonymous said...

Haha. I read the comment by dazedandconfused. Clicked on the profile and then realized that he is a man. But of course! Thats what the 'haha' was for.

I agree, I can never figure men out. I so wish I had a harem of suitable men, so then when one acted like a 'mysterious' jerk (which he would, obviously, since he is a man), I could just go and kiss another.:)


The One said...

Eeew! This Jackie sounds like a psycho from a B-grade flick. You should encourage him to go ahead with his original plans... good riddance!

"In the end the love you take is equal to the love you make."
The Beatles

Searcher said...

Hey Annie, thanks for writing in.

Anon: Don't we all. Life would be seriously simpler. Or better still - just say what you mean!!

TO: I'm starting to think it may be a vibe i'm giving out... "oh, she's come to meet me, she must like me" or "she's laughing.. she must like me", etc etc... What do you think?

The One said...

Well, I can't comment on what vibes you give, but someone who has great views on love and relationships, interprets actions thus, is surely not worth anyone's while.

But having said that, I wonder whether such people still exist, especially in the society, we, and I presume you live in.

Anonymous said...

Can someone tell me please....WHERE do u see a beautiful woman in the picture!! I can see only an old lady.....please please...its killin me!!

Anonymous said...

you know anon...i cld only see a beautiful young woman's profile,till ppl pointd out that it cld be an old woman too :-)

Anonymous said...

Ok Anon or searcher or all u other "positive" ppl out there...PLEASE tell me where is the beautiful woman!
Like I said before- It is Killing me!!

Searcher said...

Wow... I love this! You know ofcourse that the whole point of that image is to drive home the thought that in every woman, there resides a young, playful coquette and a wise old lady? :-) the deep trick is (and back me up everyone) to respect both those facets of the woman. If you tell me you do that, i'll tell you where the young girl is. Deal?

Anonymous said...

Deal. Deal. And anything else you want!

Now tell me where is the playful young coquettish girl?

Searcher said...

:-) Hmm.. ANYTHING else i want, right? People, this is the time to put in your requests :-D

A deal is a deal so here goes - The Nose of the old woman is the Jaw of the pretty girl as she looks away, the Lips of the lady is the coquette's satin choker...

I'll take Woody Allen/ Robin Williams in the body of Johnny Depp/ Robbie Williams, please.


The One said...

Oh puhleeese. The extra e is intentional Searcher. Next post.

Searcher said...

My life's going up in flames.. no time to even go hunting for pizza at 2 am one morning :-) And what's wrong with a li'l fantasy, huh?

The One said...


Anonymous said...

you gotta wait a while till i deliver your robbie williams girl....I STILL dont see the young girl....where is the yourng girls face? her eyes? her lips? her hair? is she also wearing a hat? which way is she looking anyway?

TO help!

The One said...

Anon: Quit the effort... what you see is what matters. I have seen this pic before in an Psychology elective(!) class, and trust me I could make out both, but now all I see is a pretty young girl. Damn!!!

EUREKA said...


I finally saw the young woman! She is looking the other way.

So what does it mean now? Im becoming more positive?- good things will happen to me now :-)