Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pep Talk to An Exhausted Party Girl...

There's a party, a bunch of people
Call them friends if you like
An open bar, food to eat
and the DJ plays the time of our lives

It's Saturday, past ten in the p.m.
Whatcha doin' girl, don't you want to be in it?
The rollercoaster of an awesome time
Is promising you a good, good night innit?

So jump baby jump
With your glitter and your heels
Reach for your sadness
Through the fugue of alcoholic dreams

Leave it behind, your day or your week
Nobody cares girl, as long as you leap
Keep the smile loose, keep your body tight
You know what they say doll, Holly Go light..

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

As dancing bodies
Weave themselves
Into a pulsating fabric
An orgy of movement
Masks discarded
Facades bared
For the lights are dim
And eyes do not meet
So let the music
Slow and tingle
Sweat and passions
Flow and mingle
Dance on through the holocaust
Of cigarette smoke
Sway to your partner's rhythm
In suggestion and anticipation
For the party may end
But the night need not

- excerpt from a '92 poem. Thought it fit. :)