Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Lives that Rock

What is it about a little piece of music that unites nations, credos and even lives? To watch a group of people give their all for music, for a lyric, a guitar riff, a perfect symphony - that they have done nothing for maybe except listened to... It's truly the closest feeling that i have ever had to religion.

Just watched "The Boat That Rocked." A bunch of pirate DJs that broadcast the best music of the time from a ship that, when the time came, they went down with. Very Titanic. All for songs that made them feel like something was really truly worth it.

I love live music nights. To feel the energy pulsating off a stage as the people on it give their hearts to putting the notes together, the euphoric drumbeats as they take our pulse up many notches, the arrogant guitar solos, the soulful smoky voices that pluck our heartstrings, the melancholy piano... I love music.. but i love musicians more.

To be able to create or even recreate a bit of soul with melody that speaks to us of feelings long denied, to be able to fearlessly show passion for squiggles on a sheet that, if only one could read, would transform the world into one of constant beauty and wonder.. to be able to speak to my heart without uttering a word..

That is why i love you... not because you can play the guitar and look like Kurt Cobain. But because you get it.

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