Saturday, October 3, 2009

Ok, Universe, just ONE sign, please!

... as opposed to the many signs you keep sending, with absolutely no concern for the mixed signals that are bound to confuse me. So London Guy has become as AWOL as the sensible soldiers of any war. This does not mean that LG is sensible, by any standards. Then, from out of nowhere, you send me these really cute but totally not-right guys. Which does not, again, mean that LG is necessarily Right. And then you let us brew so many different kinds of alcohol which we throw into the mix, making me do all sorts of totally Wrong things. And then i suffer the consequences - silent awkward moments with people who used to be friends, but now are just guys who share silent awkward moments with me.



whome said...

choosing the right mate is not like choosing a party dress.. "if it fits and looks good on me then i buy it".. no it does not work like that... a potential "soul mate" grows WITH you... !!!

whome said...

and again... you cannot wear a party dress to a wedding.. !! and a wedding dress to a party... !!! u see the difference.. !! So decide what you want to wear... adn then shop like wise.. and wisely !