Sunday, August 5, 2007

"Don't they look cute together?"

How many times have i heard that question? And how many more times have i dismissed it with a look of disbelief that says, "How shallow! Two people in love are two people in love." And here i am today, eating my words.

I opened an old deserted folder on my laptop called "xyz". It's a folder which has old photographs and various pieces of literature linked to my last relationship. I haven't junked it yet. Don't know why. Probably because i expected a day like today, when i'll be intrigued about its contents, and double-click on it, as a dare.

Call me stupid. No really, i mean it. Say it aloud. "You are stupid." Said it? Thank you.

I think i'll blame my mother for this. And Simon. Simon who went and had a drink with him last night, and my mom, because she asked me today, "You are over him, right?" Otherwise i haven't thought of him in months.

The thing is, the girl in those pictures, she looks a bit like me, but not really. And that's what i'm having such a hard time comprehending. It's like i have blocked out such a large part of my memory when it comes to that relationship, that i can barely recognise myself in those pictures. In fact, when i look at them, i swear i can almost make out the haze that forms in front of my eyes.

I was plumper then. Longer hair. He was bald. Still is. Fair complexioned. Dark circles around his eyes. Nice smile. And the two of us look like we so weren't made for each other (lol!).. Seriously.

And i took so long to get over it. Sheeesh! What a waste.

(PS: Incidentally, That's why you called me stupid... the amount of time i took to get to this stage.)


annie said...

God...does that stage even come? U seem to be so eupeptic about it now.I thout one would anyday get sentimental seein those palmier days of life.

Anonymous said...

When was this last realationship anyway, as in when was your last relationship?

Did you try to get over this bald guy by other rebound relationships or just time?

And lastly, why do you have a picture of an old woman on your blog?

The One said...

Searcher: Ouch. That's not nice.
Anon: I see you have fallen for the oldest figure-ground optical illusions. Its about perception, you see, you see an old woman, but then I see a pretty young girl.

Searcher said...

Thanks TO for clearing that up. That's the second such query i've had.

Annie: Sure the day more or less always comes. It's just a question of when.

Anon: it's kind of irrelevant when the last relationship was, but yes, getting over it took a combination of rebounds and time. At some point i realised rebounds are just adding to the clutter, so i stuck with Time.

A-Known-anus said...

have you ever stopped to think that Ms Anonymous could be some one you really really know, or knew... and is keeping a track on you and manipulating you in certain ways... ??? go back read all the comments by her (or him) and think ... the coincidences are too great and may remind you of a 'physco' !!!

A-Known-anus said...

sam maybe !!

moron-police said...

The whole point of going 'anon' is that you don't guess who it could be and known-anus, by the way how do you know searcher?

Anonymous said...

Which anonymous are you talking about a-known anus? Me? Did you read all my posts? Which particular posts lead you to belive that I am psycho sam? thanks

Anonymous said...

And....TO, what was the "Ouch" for? Are you the bald man in the picture? :-p :-)

The One said...

Anon: Who? Me? Neither bald, nor anywhere in the picture.